Highly Customized WordPress CMS

The phrase “WordPress CMS” generally refers to the software used “behind the scenes” in all the WordPress components. That software operates what’s called a content management system (CMS). WordPress is very powerful and complex. It consists of the WordPress core itself, themes, plugins and possibly other software created for a specific purpose. The WordPress CMS has evolved through development on a worldwide scale by thousands of people volunteering to do so.

WordPress itself along with many plugins and themes are themselves free software. Free software simply refers to the fact that one does not have to pay a fee to use WordPress and its free plugins and themes. What costs money are things like the customization involved in development and design, the search engine optimization and turning the WordPress site into a unique representation of your business, the domain name and the website hosting.

We at CharlesWorks don’t want – and we’re certain you don’t really want – your website to look like numerous others out there on the web. We strive toward a combination of aesthetics and functionality to deliver as unique as possible representation of your business on the web.